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Updated 13 Mar 2012

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Notes by jazz experts on scores set for current examinations. Click on the heading to move directly to the topic.

Background notes

Notes on composers, historical periods and musical genres cover a wide range of topics.

Notes on musical works
A set of descriptive notes describing the piece, usually with a reading list and a set of specimen questions.  These notes can be purchased separately where priced. (The separate notes may not provide as much detail as provided by the analysis of the score.)

Analysis of musical score (including Edexcel)
A copy of the score is marked in pencil. (Either you can supply a copy of the score or we will provide it for you.)

Lesson plans
Detailed Lesson Plans on specific topics including suggested pupil exercises.

Sets of A-level style questions on specific topics.

Students' study pack
A study pack for Chinese music is offered, including pupils' worksheets and a study tape.

Individual analysis
If you want a score analysed which is not listed please phone as we may be able to help you.

Copyright is waived so that you can make multiple copies of notes for use in your establishment only.We cannot send goods on approval but please click the button for sample pages.

Test pages. Click on the headings below to view a sample.
1. Jazz
2. Notes on Musical Works
3. Lesson plan

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