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Updated 13 Mar 2012

National Youth Orchestra






1. I am ordering from a school, how do I pay? Goods will be dispatched to the school address and paid by the school, using cheque or BACS.

2. I am ordering from a school but I want delivery to my home address, how do I arrange this? Just telephone and we can agree the arrangements.

3. Notes/Analysis page: what is the difference between Full Analysis and Notes only? Full Analysis comes in two parts: a score annotated in pencil and a printed commentary. Notes only provides a printed commentary.  The commentary does not normally provide the detail on the marked score.

4. Can I pay by private cheque? Please make cheques payable to ‘James Ching Professional Service’. On your first order we prefer cash with order. Subsequently we allow credit. Please telephone to make any other arrangements.

5. Can I pay by PayPal? PayPal payments can be arranged. Please telephone to confirm procedure.

6. What about returns? If something goes wrong with your order we will sort it out at no cost to you if we have made the mistake. We do not normally accept returns because we have forfeited copyright on the materials we have sent. Please call if you are not happy with the goods.

7. How do I provide a score? If you already have a score it can be sent to our marker. The address will be provided by return on receipt of your order. Please ensure that your order details are enclosed with your score. If you need a new score we can provide one at cost. It is probably best to ring to confirm this as there may be a number of appropriate scores.

8. How do I determine postage cost? The total cost depends on the weight of your order. Generally the cost is between 2 and 4. If this is not precise enough please ring and we can discuss your requirements.
Heavy scores can be costly to send by post.

9. I do not have a score which I can conveniently send. Can you supply a score? The score will be charged at cost plus a handling charge of 2.75.

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